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Nelson Mandela remains in hospital after admission last week

June 11, 2013

Nelson Mandela is one of the world's most notable freedom fighters and former heads of state, and during his time as the president of South Africa he oversaw the country's gradual transition away from the oppressive actions of apartheid. Read Article »

China makes final preparations for manned space flight

June 10, 2013

Historically, China has not earned as much attention for its space program as the United States or Russia. Read Article »

New governor of Bank of Canada appears cautiously optimistic

June 6, 2013

Much like the United States, Canada underwent a great deal of economic strife during the recession of 2008-09, which struck in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Read Article »

Putin's impending divorce makes history for Russia

June 6, 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been something of a divisive and controversial figure on the world stage for many reasons. Read Article »

Brazil sees unexpected drop in FIFA rankings

June 6, 2013

Brazil has historically been known as a soccer powerhouse, being a five-time winner of the World Cup and birthing some of the most popular players in the game. Read Article »

Brazil looking to combat faltering currency values

June 5, 2013

Despite its status as the world's sixth-largest economy, Brazil's market has experienced certain difficulties of late. Read Article »

Chinese president visits Mexico, economic tension between nations highlighted

June 4, 2013

China's economy has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Read Article »

Sao Paolo pride parade brings millions to city

June 4, 2013

Brazil is known the world over as a country with a diverse and fascinating culture. Read Article »

France legalizes gay marriage

May 21, 2013

France is the 14th nation on Earth and the 9th in Europe to legally recognize same sex marriage. Read Article »

Chancellor Merkel insists Germany's relationship with EU neighbors remains strong

May 16, 2013

German leadership reaches out to France after weeks of perceived tensions.  Read Article »

India and China work to resolve border dispute

May 21, 2013

The Chinese Premier has started his first trip abroad in India. Read Article »

Russia drops visa requirement for athletes

May 16, 2013

Russia is making it easier for athletes to travel to the country before the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Read Article »

China will help oversee the development of Arctic energy resources

May 16, 2013

China is one of several nations to have been granted permanent observer status on the Arctic Council.  Read Article »

France enters its second recession since 2012

May 15, 2013

The French economy officially entered recession in early 2013, while Germany managed to narrowly avoid the same fate. Read Article »

Euro zone leadership clash over the creation of unified banking system

May 14, 2013

Spain and Portugal are calling for European banking integration while Germany is throwing up legal challenges to stall the plan. Read Article »

Hong Kong's high court rules that transsexuals can marry

May 13, 2013

Hong Kong's highest court has ruled that post-operative transsexuals can marry. Read Article »

World Cup qualifying round between South African and the Central African Republic moved to Cameroon

May 9, 2013

The World Cup qualifying match between South Africa and its neighbor the Central African Republic has been moved to Cameroon to protect players' safety. Read Article »

Arrests made in Belgian diamond heist

May 8, 2013

Police have arrested 31 suspect across Europe in connection to a $50 million diamond heist. Read Article »

Chinese export numbers arouse skepticism among international observers

May 8, 2013

China's stronger than expected trade numbers have made some analysts more nervous than pleased. Read Article »

The Philippines' Mount Mayon spews ash and rocks into the sky

May 7, 2013

The Philippines Mount Mayon experience a small eruption on May 7 2013. Read Article »

An open position as the head of the WTO pits Brazil against Mexico

May 7, 2013

Both Brazil and Mexico are competing to have their candidate named the head of the World Trade Organization. Read Article »

Chinese consumers slow to adopt electric vehicle technology

May 6, 2013

Despite some of the worst air pollution in the world in many of the nationals' metro areas and a strong push from the central government, electrics cars are not catching on in China. Read Article »

St. Petersburg's Mariinsky ballet and opera house gets its public unveiling

May 6, 2013

The Mariinsky ballet and opera house has opened in St. Petersburg to rave reviews. Read Article »

History is made as Pope Emeritus Benedict returns to the Vatican

May 2, 2013

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has returned to the Vatican after a two month sojourn at the papal summer residence at the Castel Gandolfo. His relocation to permanent residence in the Vatican in early May marks the first time in history when two popes have cohabitated in the tiny city-nation. Read Article »

The EU debt crisis might save some northern European nations money

May 2, 2013

Low interest rates have actually made the euro zone debt crisis a cost savings for some European economies. Read Article »

The Netherlands has its first king in over a century

May 1, 2013

King Willem-Alexander is the first king of the Netherlands since 1890. Read Article »

Russia revives a soviet era award

May 1, 2013

Five Russians have received the first Hero of Labor medals awarded since 1991. Read Article »

The British economy grew slightly in the first quarter of 2013

April 25, 2013

The U.K. economy grew slightly in the first quarter of 2013. Read Article »

Switzerland to curb immigration beginning in May

April 25, 2013

Switzerland is moving to cap immigration of workers from EU member states. Read Article »

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano urges the creation of a new government

April 23, 2013

Italy's president has threatened to resign if members of parliament do not form a coalition government soon. Read Article »

Canadian officials halt terror plot

April 22, 2013

Canadian officials announced the arrests of two men accused of plotting to derail a Toronto-area passenger train. Read Article »

Russian economic growth slowed

April 22, 2013

Russian growth in on the decline, leaving government officials scrambling for solutions. Read Article »

Tension on the rise as French Parliament considers gay marriage legislation

April 18, 2013

Tempers in France are running hot as the national parliament prepares to vote on a bill to legalize gay marriage. Read Article »

Tens of thousands come out for Margaret Thatcher's funeral

April 17, 2013

Margaret Thatcher's funeral drew thousands of mourners from all over the world. Read Article »

Explosions rock the Boston marathon

April 16, 2013

Explosions detonated at the finish line as the Boston marathon was coming to a close. Read Article »

Tourists in South Africa attacked by elephants

April 15, 2013

Elephant attacks a pair of tourists in South Africa, one of many such attacks annually. Read Article »

Legal recognition of same-sex marriage on the rise in South America

April 11, 2013

Uruguay has become the 12th nation in the world to fully recognize gay marriage. Read Article »

Study abroad offers students an opportunity to sharpen a variety of skills

April 10, 2013

Studying abroad can help prepare students for a wide variety of career experiences. Read Article »

German thieves make off with five tons of Nutella

April 9, 2013

German authorities are trying to unravel the mystery of why a group of thieves would steal 5 tons of Nutella - the latest in a series of bizarre food thefts. Read Article »

Margaret Thatcher dies at 87

April 8, 2013

After and long and controversial career, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is dead at age 87. Read Article »