Speed Dial

Several of our online calling cards are enabled with a speed dial feature which allows you to make calls to stored phone numbers by simply dialing a one digit number, rather than a long or complicated international number!

To activate PIN-less dialing on your online calling card:
1.Sign into your account on ComFi.com
2.Select "My PINS" from the left hand menu to see your phone cards.
3.Select Speed Dial from the "Functions" tab on the right of your card.
4.Enter in the complete phone numbers you would like to save.
*For international numbers, you must enter in 011 + the country code + the phone number. EX: 01144394850623

Once activated, you can begin making calls using your online calling cards SpeedDial feature right away!
To call:
1.Dial a local or toll free access number for your card.
2.Enter your PIN code if prompted to do so.
3.Wait for the voice prompt instructing you to enter in the number you wish to reach.
4.Dial the one digit speed dial number of the international number you would like to reach.

Begin making calls with the best online calling cards available today!

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