How to Use International Phone Cards

International phone cards can help to save you over 95% on phone call costs without ever having to change your local phone provider.

To make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, here are some tips for choosing an international phone card to call abroad:

  • Calling to an international cell phone is generally more expensive than calling to a land line phone. Make sure you are viewing the correct rate for the type of phone you would like to call with your international phone card.
  • International phone cards with outrageously low per minute rates (compared to other cards viewed) are usually meant to be used for long phone calls that deplete the cards balance. Make sure you read the card detail information to see if the card carries any maintenance or connection fees before purchasing.
  • You will need to dial an access number at the beginning of each call made with your international phone card to access the cards database and prevent your phone provider from charging you. Dialing a toll free (800) access number generally costs more per minute than dialing a local access number — check to see if a local access number is available for your area code before purchasing to get the best rate.
  • Customer reviews are listed below each card and can help you to choose between two seemingly similar international phone cards. Choose a card with high customer quality ratings to ensure satisfaction. You can always transfer your phone card balance to a different type of card if you change your mind or experience difficulty.

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