International Calling Cards FAQ

I need to make several phone calls and don’t want to spend a lot. How can I spend less on international calls?
International calling cards can help you to save over 75% on global calls ! To use an international phone card, simply dial a toll free or local access number — enter in your permanent PIN when prompted — and dial the number you wish to reach!
I need to call abroad and am looking for phone cards that can help me save money. I would prefer to spend as little as possible and want to make a cheap international phone call without sacrificing quality.
Although calling internationally can be expensive when calling through a domestic phone line, cheap calls abroad can be made easily by using an international calling card! Our phone cards can be used to regularly call internationally at a low cost.
Are International Phone Cards difficult to use?
Using a phone card to make domestic or international calls has never been easier with several of our international calling cards featuring PIN-less dialing! Because our prepaid phone cards are sold online the calling card’s PIN number and instructions is released instantly via email.
Will I receive a new PIN number with each purchase?
No. Our International Phone Cards have permanent PIN numbers that can be refilled online instantly 24/7 . Your calling Card information will never change and your office will be able to make calls at any time.

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