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Comfi All-in-One сross-platform service provides you calling from various devices. With single account you have Calling card, Mobile APP, Direct dial, Webcall and more... Enjoy unified communication with cheapest rates and exeptional quality!

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ComFi is the leading retailer of online international calling cards because we work hard to satisfy the phone card needs of each and every consumer. We carry a wide selection of the best prepaid calling cards available and believe that all customers, whether they’re looking to call internationally with cheap phone cards or hoping to save on domestic calls within the United States, deserve to experience quality calling card service.

We have Customer Service Representatives available 24/7 for prepaid phone card assistance and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our international phone cards and domestic calling cards and we’re sure that you’ll love using our refillable phone cards and calling card services.

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  • Save up to 75% on international calls
  • Instant delivery on screen and by email
  • Boston, MA based customer service


What is calling card?

The calling card is a convenient product for international calling. It is a virtual product, just a PIN number and dialing instructions sent to the customer's e-mail. After receiving that, customers are able to start using calling cards immediately. The cards rates are much cheaper than direct calls. They also allow reaching phone numbers in far regions and non-mobile phones which are hard to reach with messengers. The type of the phone the customer is calling from or to does not influence cards rates much – they remain cheap!

How much do international calls cost?

Usually international calls are quite expensive, but the cards rates on the calling cards are much cheaper. For some European countries, it's around a couple of cents per minute.

What app is best for international calls?

There are a lot of apps for international calling, but Comfi app is simply the best! It offers the rates lower than the cards rates, and it's more convenient than the calling cards. It's attached to one phone, and you can refill, call and check your usage on the same device.

Can I make an international call on my cell phone?

You can make an international call on your cell phone, but we know an option better - to use a calling card! Cards rates are much cheaper than the rates for the direct calls, and calling cards can be used from any phone including a cell phone in any country. Please make sure you use a calling card on a local cell phone to avoid the roaming charges.

How does an international calling card work?

International calling cards require access numbers to start the call, PIN number to identify the customer and the destination number dialed according to the certain rules. With no damage to cards rates (they do not increase from it), it's possible to make this process easier. The calling card users can save the number/s they are calling from, or use the direct dial option - register up to 5 numbers to call from and up to 20 numbers to call to creating their own "phone books" for international calling.

Can you still buy international calling cards?

Calling cards are sold in the online shops mostly, and you can buy all kinds of international calling cards with attractive cards rates at Comfi!

Can you make international calls on a cell phone?

The easiest way to make an international call on a cell phone is to use calling cards. If you use one of Comfi calling cards, you will receive the advantageous cards rates and brilliant call qualit.

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