Online Phone Cards PIN-less Dialing

Online phone cards have come a long way since we began selling them nearly almost 20 years ago!

With a PIN less dialing feature enabled on several of our online phone cards, you can dial internationally without without entering a 10-digit PIN code making your calling card a truly great buy. Online phone card information is linked to the registered phone numbers provided during PIN less dialing setup.

To activate PIN-less dialing on your online phone card:

  1. Sign into your account on
  2. Select «My PINS» from the left hand menu to see your calling cards.
  3. Select PIN-less dialing from the «Functions» tab on the right of your card.
  4. Enter  your ten digit phone number and click ADD NUMBER!

*Please note, PIN-less dialing is only available from the US or Canada

Once activated, you can begin making calls through your online phone card without entering in a PIN code!

To call:

  1. Dial a local or toll free access number for your card.
  2. Wait for the voice prompt instructing you to enter in the number you wish to reach.
  3. Dial the international or long distance number you would like to call.
  4. Enjoy!

Begin making calls with the best online phone cards available today!

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