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Brazil sees unexpected drop in FIFA rankings

June 6, 2013

Brazil has historically been known as a soccer powerhouse, being a five-time winner of the World Cup and birthing some of the most popular players in the game. After matches in which the nation's team has done well, Brazilian fans in far-flung locales might use a prepaid phone card to call friends at home and rave about the game. However, recent poor performances in high-profile matches have considerably diminished Brazil's standing in the latest FIFA rankings.

According to The Independent, Brazil dropped from 19 to 22 in the FIFA standings between the previous and most recent lists. Other teams experienced declines as well, including England, Colombia and Portugal. The top four nations of soccer - Spain, Germany, Argentina and Croatia, in order - kept the same spots they held on last year's FIFA list.

The news source reported that Brazil has only played "friendly" teams during the past two years, which yield fewer points, and in its latest six games earned four draws. 

The cultural importance of soccer to many Brazilians cannot be understated. Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup, and according to The Associated Press, the country's Minister of Sport, Aldo Rebelo, spoke out against high ticket prices for the event, which means so much to many people. In response, FIFA will distribute 50,000 free tickets to citizens in impoverished communities and offer several other discounts.


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