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Obama recognises international students in State of the Union address

January 25, 2012

President Barack Obama recently gave the annual State of the Union address, and his speech covered a range of topics from the economy to public programs and education. He spoke out against the fact that most international students who travel to America to pursue their education leave the country as soon as they have their degrees.

The President drew attention to the weakness of this plan, as these students are a valuable resource, but their skills are being put to use in other countries. He stressed that he wants to make it easier for international students to remain in America after they finish their studies.

"Send me a law that gives them a chance to earn their citizenship," President Obama said. "I will sign it right away."

International students who are studying abroad in the U.S. can use international phone cards to call home and talk to their families about the options they will have once their college careers are finished. Studying abroad is a great way for students to get more opportunities in the future, whether they want to find a way to remain in the foreign country where they studied, return home or go somewhere else entirely.


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