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Pitt State class takes students to Germany to study astrophysics

July 26, 2011

Studying abroad can be an expensive venture, but for 10 Pittsburg State University students, this is not the case. The group of Kansas students will be spending 10 days in Heidelburg, Germany, and they are only required to pay for their plane tickets, the Morning Sun reports.

The rest of their trip is being funded by Pitt State and the German Academic Exchange Service, which provides financial support and information for students and educators who are interested in international education and research.

The trip is part of a physics class, so the students will spend much of their time attending physics and astronomy lectures at some of the 80 Max Planck Society institutes that have produced more than 17 Nobel Prize winners since the society's creation in 1948.

Studying abroad can afford students the opportunity to develop a broader view of the world, while they gain an understanding of a foreign culture and language. However, being away from home can warrant homesickness for some travelers. International calling cards can keep students in touch with their loved ones while they are overseas.


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