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Developing nations draw students studying abroad

February 6, 2012

When most people opt to study abroad, they look at destinations in Europe, the U.K. and other industrialized nations. However, the number of students at Columbia University opting to continue their education in developing countries is growing, reports the Columbia Spectator.

A decade ago, only 15 percent of students from the school studied in developing nations. Today, that number has spiked to 26 percent. Some of the countries individuals are choosing to visit include Egypt, Argentina, Senegal and South Africa.

Opportunities to study in such nations will give students a unique perspective on life.

"It's pretty crazy here right now because of the elections," Caitlin Hoeberlein, a Columbia student studying in Senegal, told the news source. "...It's definitely exciting, and ti will be great to be here if [current President Abdoulaye] Wade does not win the election."

While this may sound exciting, students visiting developing nations should be sure to bring along calling cards to the Philippines or any other nation they are visiting, so that they have a way to reach home.

According to the Institute of International Education, in 2010 the number of students studying in non-traditional locations grew notably.


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