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International students can learn just as much outside the classroom

July 25, 2011

Studying abroad is about more than just attending class - students can also take part in the cultural happenings of the countries in which they are living. International study programs can give students unique experiences that can expand their understanding of the world. Students can call home and share their experiences with their families and friends using international calling cards.

Recently, eight College of William and Mary film students, who are spending their summer in Russia, had the opportunity to attend the St. Petersburg International Film Festival "KinoForum," according to the William and Mary website. The program director of the summer study abroad program, Alexander Prokhorov, also happens to be a member of the Russian Film Critics' Guild. He applied the international group of students for accreditation and the students were able to attend round tables, screenings and press conferences.

"The all-Russian narration forced me to connect with the movie in different ways," said Alex McGrath, of watching a movie without English subtitles. "I found myself watching the movie as a film producer might, noticing how they used effects, applying music or sound effects to match certain visuals, splicing new footage with archival footage."


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