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Traveling to China to learn the language may be more affordable with AmeriSpan's new discount

August 3, 2011

AmeriSpan Study Abroad, a company that specializes in connecting students with international educational programs that focus on language immersion, recently announced a new deal for individuals who want to travel to China to learn about the languages, culture and people of one of the economical, political and military powerhouses of the world. Participants can save 12 percent of the cost when they sign up to learn Chinese in Shanghai or Beijing.

"For many, the ability to speak Mandarin or learning Cantonese in Hong Kong has been instrumental in advancing their careers," said Beth Lieberman, the vice president of AmeriSpan. "We have worked closely with our partners in China to make this special offer."

Learning Chinese can be crucial for individuals who want to pursue careers that have an international element, whether they will travel for business or will work with people from other nations.

The agency recommends learning the dialects in China because firsthand exposure to the culture can help students to better grasp the difficult language. Since the culture differs drastically from many others, international students may battle feelings of homesickness while they are abroad. An international calling card allows them to call home easily and stay in touch with their loved ones.


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