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China offers a unique cultural experience for international students

July 5, 2011

Students who are interested in learning about Chinese culture and language can choose to study in China. Many American universities offer programs for their students to attend schools in China for a semester or two, according to the Institute of International Education. Students who plan to study in China can bring international phone cards so they can easily call their friends and families in their home countries while they are overseas.

Students who may be nervous about culture shock can opt to study in some of China's bigger cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing, which have been heavily influenced by Western culture, the China Education Center states. In Beijing, international students can visit the Forbidden City museum, which is located in the palace that was built during the Ming Dynasty. The Forbidden City is the largest palace in the world, according to

However, students shouldn't limit themselves to American fast food while traveling overseas. They can sample Cantonese, Szechuan, Xi'an and Mongolian dishes while they are studying abroad. They can also take a trip to the Great Wall of China, or visit the site of the Spring Temple Buddha, the tallest statue in the world which stands at roughly 420 feet on the Jiuhua Mountain.


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