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Rowan University sees more students traveling abroad

January 25, 2012

At New Jersey's Rowan University, spending a semester or two abroad is the latest craze. The Press of Atlantic City reports that the number of Rowan students traveling to other countries for school each semester has jumped from between 20 to 30 students to about 45 to 50 each semester.

"We believe that globalization is playing a very active role in making students more interested in studying in another country," Laura Pfeifer, Rowan's study abroad coordinator, told the news source. "The benefits of studying abroad are unmatched. Students will be able to gain intercultural communications, problem-solving skills, language fluency, independence and maturity."

Sandra Guirguis, a Rowan student, recently spent a semester in France, and she told the news publication that she was able to visit other European countries during her stay. She was also able to hone her French-speaking skills while she attended classes about international business and French culture. Another student, Maggalena Kernan, will soon spend a semester in Italy because she wants to pursue an international career.

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