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Tips for preparing to travel abroad

July 19, 2011

If you've already made the decision to study abroad, the next step is preparation, which can be complicated and overwhelming. The Institute of International Education recommends that you take your time to pack wisely, research and plan ahead.

One thing you can plan for is communication with your family and friends back home. While the internet makes it easy to stay in touch, it can be nice to hear your loved ones' voices. An international calling card can be the key to thwarting homesickness.

"Students studying abroad run the risk of bringing things that might prevent them from absorbing local culture," Kenyon College junior Trevor Ezell, who recently spent a semester abroad, told WTOP-TV. "If you bring a basketball, you might not throw a rugby ball."

When you pack for a trip that will last for several months, it may be tempting to bring a lot of clothes, but you will have to haul your luggage from place to place. Packing lightly may be difficult now, but your back and arms will thank you when you don't have to carry an excessive amount of luggage. You can also research the climate of your destination to make sure you're bringing the right types of clothes along. 


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