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Survey: International students care more about traveling than Apple and social media

September 13, 2011

Some students may think that their cool new iPod is unbeatable and the best thing in their lives, but not everyone feels this way, especially those who travel to foreign countries to study abroad. A recent survey conducted by StudyPortals, through a new social media site that allows international students to share experiences with one another, revealed that students who study abroad are more likely to recommend the experience to their friends than they are to bring up Facebook, Apple or Google.

"These findings give confidence to students who consider to study abroad," said Stian Hofslett Thowsen, the senior advisor at the Norwegian Centre for Cooperation in Higher Education.

Study abroad received a 71 percent satisfaction score in the survey, while Apple only satisfied about 65 percent of survey participants. The survey also revealed that Austria ranked the highest for international student satisfaction, with 92 percent of students studying abroad in Austria giving the country a thumbs up for international education. Norway and Finland came in just behind Austria at 91 and 88 percent, respectively.

Students who are spending time in foreign countries can use international calling cards to tell their friends all about their experiences, and who knows, maybe Facebook will find its way into the conversation as well.


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