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Studying abroad can enhance a resume

September 12, 2011

Studying overseas can afford students the opportunity to experience another culture, learn a new language and have something extra to put on their resumes. Even if a student's career goals do not directly involve international business, the experience of living abroad can be what sets an individual apart in the job pool, especially if they take up an internship while abroad.

"The majority of students [going abroad] are still in social sciences and languages," Priscilla Stone, the assistant provost for international education at Washington University, told Newsweek. "But there's increasing interest in more technical fields, because everyone recognizes that our futures are so global, no matter what area we're in."

According to the news source, nearly half of all undergraduate students enrolled at Washington University spend at least a semester abroad. Traveling to and living in a foreign country can often result in a touch of homesickness. Hearing the voices of loved ones can be a great way to quell feelings of anxiety, so a student who plans to study abroad should remember to bring along an international calling card to call home.


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