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Short-term study abroad options pique Rochester students' interests

January 17, 2012

Studying abroad is something that students can do for a few weeks, a semester or even for their entire college career. While many students opt to spend a semester or two overseas, there is a growing interest in traveling to pursue education during traditional break-periods.

The Democrat and Chronicle news publication in Rochester, New York, reports that 77 local college students chose to spend their winter breaks taking courses in foreign countries. There were five nursing students who completed their community health clinical course in Costa Rica, and others traveled to Ghana and Antarctica. According to the news publication, interest in study abroad is growing, as the number of winter-break travelers was four times larger than in 2008.

Study abroad programs that take place during periods when most students are taking breaks between semesters are still not as popular for study abroad opportunities. However, the news source reports that short-term international learning experiences can be just as rewarding as those that last longer.

One thing that students should prepare for, whether they are traveling abroad for a week or a year, is homesickness. A longing for home can strike at any moment, and students can bring along international calling cards on their journeys to call home whenever they feel they need to hear their loved ones' voices.


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