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Beijing concert to benefit Chinese-American relations to feature

August 2, 2011

On Friday, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton sat down with The Black Eyed Peas' to talk about President Obama's 100,000 Strong Initiative. Their discussions focused on the importance of cultural and educational ties between China and America and how could contribute to the initiative.

"In order to become responsible global citizens, young people need to experience the world around them," said "Kids from underserved communities rarely have the opportunity to study and travel abroad, and we want to change that. We must make sure that American students have the cultural awareness and skills necessary to succeed in a global economy."

The Grammy Award-winning musician and producer will be directing and performing in a concert in Beijing this year to celebrate the relationship between America and China. Other pop stars from both nations will also perform at the benefit concert, and the funds raised during this event will go to Americans Promoting Study Abroad. The nonprofit organization provides full scholarships for U.S. high school students who want to study abroad in China.

While students are studying in China, they can use international calling cards to stay in touch with their friends and family back home.


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