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Lone Star College student transfers to school in Italy after short academic trip

January 31, 2012

Study abroad programs give students the chance to experience another culture by completely immersing themselves in it, rather than just visiting and playing the role of tourist. This is an extremely helpful tool for those who want to pursue international careers, as one Lone Star College student found out.

Samuel Washburn recently spent a summer studying in Italy, and now he will be returning to the Mediterranean nation to finish his degree at the American University of Rome, according to the Cypress Creek Mirror. He says that his history teacher, Professor Coyle, was his inspiration for studying abroad.

"I really had no intention of going abroad, but Professor Coyle put the study abroad application on my desk and said, 'I need it back by the end of the week,' and I was like 'okay,' then we just figured out how to make it work," Washburn told the news source.

After three weeks in Italy, Washburn changed his major to international studies and is excited to head back overseas.

"My study abroad experience was definitely worth it, 100 percent - it will change your life," Washburn explained to the publication.

Students who want to pursue their academic careers overseas will want to bring along international calling cards, so they can stay in touch with loved ones and share their experiences while they are away.


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