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Travelers want more health options in hotels

January 3, 2012

It can be difficult to stick to a healthy diet and get enough exercise when traveling for work, but a recent survey found that personal health is important for business travelers. KRC Research recently conducted a survey of 200 travelers and found that 56 percent of these individuals allowed themselves to overindulge in food and drink while away from home and later regretted their actions, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Many travelers may be tempted to get a quick, easy meal from room service or a nearby fast food joint when they get to their hotel, especially after a long day of traveling. The survey revealed that nearly three-quarters of survey respondents would like to see healthier room service options and in-room snacks.

The news source reports that Omni Hotels and Resorts gives travelers the option to upgrade their rooms for $15 to "Get Fit Rooms." Travelers who opt for this perk will find a treadmill, two-pound dumbbells, an exercise mat, a bottle of water, a radio headset and stretch cords so they can exercise in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms.

If they are having trouble staying healthy on the road, travelers may want to bring along phone cards to call home and talk to their loved ones about staying on track or just to get their mind off of fast food burgers.


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