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Business travelers use work trips for personal vacations as well

January 12, 2012

A new report shows that many business travelers from emerging economies will take advantage of traveling for work and incorporate leisure time. The survey conducted by Amadeus found that 71 percent of business travelers from emerging economic powers do so, while only 42 percent of those who travel for work from developed countries do the same, according to Air and Business Travel News.

The report also touched on the possibility of this becoming more of a standard on a global scale. Technological advancements make it easy for business to be conducted electronically around the world, which means that traveling for work may decline. However, this could mean that when an in-person meeting is necessary, employers may be more lenient with their employees using the trips as vacation time as well, the news source reports.

One thing that will likely not change is the desire to have the comforts of home when away on business. Hearing a loved one's voice when they're thousands of miles away can be the best medicine for homesickness. However, international calls can be expensive, which is why those who travel for work may want to bring along phone cards.


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