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Traveler satisfaction is top priority for most businesses, study shows

August 17, 2011

Companies that send employees abroad place equal importance on saving money and keeping business travelers happy when it comes to travel management. The Global Business Travel Association recently conducted a survey to identify corporate travel priorities, and they interviewed more than 1,000 business travelers that were split nearly down the middle between executive travelers - presidents, vice presidents, owners and partners - and staff travelers, such as managers and supervisors.

Saving money and personal satisfaction rated as the most important aspects of travel management for 93 and 94 percent of respondents, respectively, but more than half of the interviewed travelers reported that their companies do not have a well-managed travel program.

"At the same time the CEO is working to manage travel costs, he recognizes the critical importance of supporting the employee in his travels," said GBTA Foundation's research director Joe Bates. "And the traveler recognizes the importance of budgets and policies to maximize company results. This synergy is especially relevant for a successful balance of revenue growth and cost management."

One way that companies can reduce costs is to use international phone cards to save money on calls to employers and family back home while business travelers are overseas.


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