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Survey indicates more business travel for 2012

January 30, 2012

The global economy has been less than ideal in recent years, and many companies may cut back on business trips and other expenses to counteract the negative effects of the economic downturn. However, confidence appears to be returning.

A recent survey conducted by Travel Leaders Corporate found that travel agents are expecting business booking to improve by 3 to 5 percent in 2012, according to CNBC. This may not seem like much overall, but any improvement is a good sign for the business industry and the international economy.

The survey also found that business travelers are booking flights closer to their travel time. The news source reports that in the past, flights were booked at least three weeks in advance, but waiting until a week before the trip to book tickets is becoming the norm.

Since travelers might have less notice they're going on business trips, they might want to invest in international calling cards ahead of time. Phone cards can easily be stored in the suitcase or carry-on that a traveler uses so they will be on hand even if they have to pack in a hurry.


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