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Business travelers can take mini vacations to mix things up

August 10, 2011

Business travelers don’t always take advantage of being in different destinations, but perhaps they should. Many people who travel for work are tired by the end of their day and don't explore their exotic destinations. They come home, to the hotel, prop their feet up and watch TV or order room service, but travelers should try to get out more while they’re on the road.

"After a hard day in a strange city, it’s very tempting to just throw yourself down on your hotel bed or prop up at the bar for a few hours," James Smart, the senior editor of Rough Guides travel books, told USA Today. "But it’s worth making an effort to get out of your hotel. You only live once - and you might see something you never forget."

There are interesting things to see and do pretty much everywhere, and the only way to experience them is to get out of the hotel and find them. Attending events or going to museums can make a dull business trip more memorable. Travelers can use calling cards to tell their loved ones about their adventures while they’re away. 


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