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Staying in touch with families is important for traveling workers, study shows

July 28, 2011

The Global Business Travel Association recently released the findings of The Business Traveler Market Segmentation Study, and they found that the majority (roughly 78 percent) of survey respondents enjoy traveling for work and feel that it is a necessity for the success of their business.

"The more we know about the business traveler of today in the myriad of developments across the industry, the better we can develop strategies to help them make the most of each trip," said Joe Bates the GBTA Foundation director of research. "Companies…will be able to determine what they need to be experts on the road and also be stewards of travel for their companies, making every dollar invested and every meeting even more beneficial and productive."

Communication with loved ones and safety were considered to be the most important goals during business trips, and 79 percent of travelers report that they bring along electronic devices to stay in touch with their families and friends. Those who don't bring a bag full of equipment can use phone cards to stay in touch. They are lighter and don't require an outlet to use.  


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