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Businesses plan for more work-related travel in spite of rising hotel rates

July 29, 2011

Business travel trends point to budgetary increases as well as rising hotel rates, according to a new report by AirPlus International. The global business travel analysis provider keeps track of data surrounding the costs and expenditures for companies whose employees spend a lot of time on the road. Their most recent report states that nearly half of the surveyed businesses are planning for an increase in hotel room bookings next year.

"Two years ago we conducted a similar survey regarding 2010 hotel negotiations and at that time, 34 percent planned to go for the lowest rates, even if it meant switching suppliers," said president and CEO of AirPlus International Richard Crum. "But today's results show more loyalty to suppliers, with roughly one quarter (26 percent) willing to switch on price alone."

Hotel rates are expected to jump from one to five percent in 2012 by about 49 percent of businesses, and 48 percent anticipate that their companies' budgets will increase as well. Business travelers can save some money by using phone cards to call home while they are out of town.


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