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Business travel to see boost in 2013

January 9, 2013

A new survey conducted by Frequent Business Traveler magazine found that the travel and hospitality industries would see growth in 2013. The survey, which was the compilation of 1,349 frequent business travelers responses, was collected during the last quarter of 2012.

The findings show that one-third of business travelers said they planned on traveling more in 2013 than they did in 2012. In addition, 50 percent reported they would be traveling more so than they have in the past two years.

"As business travel increases, business travelers are becoming more demanding about what they want," said Jonathan Spira, Frequent Business Traveler magazine's editorial director. "Because these people are on the road so often, they won't compromise in what they get and airlines and hotels need to find more and better ways to cater to them."

The survey also found that hotels and airlines need to do more in terms of ensuring the experience for travelers is consistent. Approximately 83 percent of hotel guests and 77 percent of airplane travelers felt as though they did not have the same experience time and time again. This is especially important for airlines, as the survey found business travelers were more loyal to an airline than they were to a specific hotel. The results shows that 80 percent of respondents said they would travel on their preferred airline even if the flight wasn't as convenient, and 58 percent said they would stay at a hotel that was at a less convenient location if it was the one they preferred.

Another aspect that impacted a decision was whether Wi-Fi was available. About 73 percent of respondents said this impacts their hotel stay and 25 percent said the same about an airline.

Those who are planning on traveling for business this upcoming year should keep a few things in mind before they embark on their trip. First of all, individuals should make sure they pack light. Even though many feel like they are just going from their car to the airport to their hotel, a heavy bag can be a nuisance. Also, do not forget international calling cards, as these make it easy and cheap to call home and check up no matter where the person is traveling to.


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