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Frequent travelers enjoy fine dining and telling tales from the road, survey shows

July 26, 2011

TripIt, a company that helps travelers organize their trips, recently conducted a survey to find out why and how often people are traveling, which leisure activities they prefer and how their personal lives play into their time on the road.

Of more than 3,000 frequent travelers who were interviewed, only 11 percent reported that they choose not to share their trips with anyone, while 77 percent share their experiences with family and 60 percent tell their coworkers all about their trips. People who spend a lot of time away from home can use phone cards to keep in touch with loved ones and coworkers and regale them with tales from abroad.

Business trips account for more than half of frequent travel, as 53 percent of survey respondents reported taking seven or more work-related trips each year. Just because they are traveling for their jobs doesn't mean that businesspeople are missing out on the fun side of travel. The survey found that 51 percent of participants look forward to fine dining more than anything else while they are abroad.

Frequent business travelers are also traveling for pleasure, and the survey revealed that the average household spends $5,000 per year on vacations.


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