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Business travelers catch a break with new JetBlue frequent flier passes

August 1, 2011

JetBlue Airways recently introduced a new service that allows business travelers to purchase a three-month, unlimited travel pass for select airports. BluePass provides them with access to every available seat on flights and no blackout dates. Participating business travelers will also be able to book flights up to 90 minutes prior to departure and make changes or cancel flights without paying penalty fees.

"JetBlue is pleased to offer this valuable, flexible and convenient unlimited pass to meet the high-frequency travel needs of a variety of customers, no matter what their business plans entail," said Dennis Corrigan, the vice president of sales and revenue management for JetBlue. "We are committed to constantly re-inventing the travel experience to create unique and relevant experiences for our customers."

The airline's new program could pair nicely with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's pilot program, which will allow certain frequent travelers to bypass long security checkpoint lines. Business travelers can stay in touch with their families and vent their airport frustrations with long-distance calling cards.

The new program will also allow BluePass holders to upgrade to Even More Space, which bumps them up to early boarding and allows them access to one of the seats with extra legroom, which is great for taller travelers and their knees.


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