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GBTA: What your company will pay for while you are traveling for work

August 29, 2011

The company credit card can't be used for just anything, and your company might not cover certain expenses on a business trip. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) recently conducted a survey of 651 American and Canadian travel managers to find out what charges they will and will not consider refunding to their traveling employees, according to The Los Angeles Times

Most companies won't pay for their employees to eat peanuts from the mini bars in their hotel rooms, but the GBTA survey found that 9 percent of respondents will consider it a reimbursement, and 4 percent feel that way about in-room entertainment, such as renting movies.

When it comes to flying, 91 percent of corporate travel managers reported that they reimburse their employees for checked-bag fees, roughly 50 percent will pay for in-flight meals and 10 percent will even allow their employees to upgrade their seats on domestic flights. According to Joe Bates, the GBTA research director, there have been so many new airline fees getting tacked on these days that many travel managers don't pay them much attention.

"The biggest issue is that it's hard to keep track," he told the LA Times.

If your company has strict reimbursement and expense policies, you can save a few bucks to get snacks at the mini bar, by using long distance calling cards to stay in touch with your loved ones while you are on the road.


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