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Survey reveals being away from loved ones is hardest for most business travelers

March 7, 2012

Being apart from family can be one of the toughest aspects of traveling for work, especially for those who spend a lot of time out of town. A recent Best Western study found that two-thirds of business travelers are remorseful about being apart from their families while traveling for work, and 62 percent feel guilty when they're away.

It may not be as good as seeing them in person, but calling loved ones can help to ease the homesickness and feelings of guilt. International phone cards can be useful when traveling overseas, as they can be used on any phone without the worry of running up an expensive phone bill.

The survey also revealed that 67 percent of Best Western business travelers have used their loyalty points to fund a family vacation or a romantic getaway, and 40 percent are enrolled in at least three travel reward programs. Using reward points accumulated at hotels and airlines during work trips for family-oriented events can be another way to ease feelings of guilt for being away from home so often.


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