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Frequent fliers develop three distinct flight routines

August 11, 2011

People who travel often for work generally prefer to fly first-class or business class, and a recent survey conducted by the Global Business Travel Association found that these premium fliers can be divided up into three categories.

"Safe and Sounders" tend to choose airlines that have good track records when it comes to safety and the business’ financial well-being. They also seek out high-quality on-board service and products.

"Loyalists" are quite the opposite, putting less emphasis on safety and amenities and relying more on the advantages that come with sticking with the same airline flight after flight. These premium travelers rack up frequent flier points and build reputations with the staff, and it pays off as they are often given free upgrades and special treatment.

The third group, "experiencers," is generally a bit younger than the Safe and Sounders and the Loyalists, and the youthful nature of this group is apparent in their travel behavior. Experiencers are apt to choose their flights based on pricing and availability and are likely to switch airlines often.

Regardless of which category a business traveler falls into, he or she should not forget to stay grounded. Calling home with international phone cards can be one way to for worldly workers to stay in touch with their loved ones back home.


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