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How to beat the stress of business travel

February 15, 2012

Business trips can be stressful, whether flying halfway around the world to meet with clients or darting across the country for a meeting, but there are ways to reduce the anxiety that comes with working on the go.

Whether you'll be out of town for a night or a month packing light will make travel easier. This is especially true if you're flying and you can avoid checking baggage. It is also important to stay hydrated while you're out of town. Drinking water will counterbalance the excess coffee you might be drinking to stay up through jet lag. It also gives you energy, reduces stress and keeps your healthy so you don't catch a cold waiting for a cab at the airport, according to

The source also recommends bringing something to remind you of home, whether this is a photo of loved ones, a favorite pair of pajamas or a good book. This can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in unfamiliar hotel rooms. Another thing that can help ease the pangs of homesickness is hearing the voices of loved ones. Bring along a calling card to stay in touch with your family without worrying about racking up expensive phone bills at your hotel.


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