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Business travel still important to U.K. executives

July 6, 2011, a flight charter company, recently conducted a survey with executives from some of the United Kingdom's biggest companies concerning their plans and budgets for business travel in 2011. A little more that one quarter of respondents reported that they spend more than 11 days out of every month traveling for business, and roughly 80 percent of all the survey participants expect to spend at least the same amount on business travel as they did in 2010.

Even though many businesses are beginning to conduct meetings electronically or over the phone, 95 percent of respondents believe that face-to-face meetings are still very important.

"These findings are an optimistic indicator for the business travel industry and suggest a returning confidence amongst the UK’s top executives – who are clearly still traveling for a significant proportion of their working hours," said Adam Twidell, the CEO of

Spending a lot of time on the road can be difficult for some people, who may grow homesick for their friends and families while they are away. Businessmen and women who travel for work can purchase prepaid phone cards to make inexpensive international calls, whether they are calling to reserve hotel rooms or want to check in with their loved ones while they are out of town.


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