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Business travel to London might be tough during 2012 Summer Olympics

July 22, 2011

The Summer Olympics are one short year away, and as London prepares its city for the onslaught of tourists, athletes and Olympic employees, many people are concerned about hotel vacancies and overcrowding.

London summers are usually bustling for the tourism industry, with 90 percent hotel occupancy rates, and next August it may be even tougher to find a room, according to Reuters. Many businesses are planning to ban travel to the London area during the Games, but some individuals will still need to travel to the U.K. for work.

"It is important to recognize that the Games may present our corporate clients with unusual circumstances when it comes to planning travel," said Ian Windsor, the managing director of HRG UK, a corporate travel service. "By encouraging and supporting our clients to think about their requirements in 2012 well in advance, we will be in the strongest possible position next summer to accommodate their needs."

People who know they will have to travel to London next summer should start planning now. While they are in London, they can use international calling cards to keep in touch with their families and tell them all about the Olympic takeover of the British capital.


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