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TSA to expand expedited security screening program

January 10, 2012

One of the biggest hassles for frequent fliers, especially those who travel for business, is wading through airport security checkpoints. This is why last year the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) launched trial programs that would allow some passengers to volunteer personal information prior to their flight so they can expedite the security process. The initial results have been positive enough that the TSA will soon be introducing the service in new airports around the U.S., according to the Aviation Online Magazine.

"I am encouraged by the positive passenger feedback and early results from this risk-based security initiative, and look forward to working with our airline and airport partners and we continue expanding and testing this concept," TSA administrator John S. Pistole told the news source. "This system enables our officers to expedite the screening process for passengers we know the most about, while better focusing their efforts on higher-risk and unknown passengers."

This new screening process may leave business travelers with more time on their hands before their flight they they're used to. They can use phone cards to check in with their loved ones and let it know they made it to their flight with plenty of time to spare.


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