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Cheapest possible rates

  • Landlines: 20.3 ¢/min
  • Mobiles: 30.5 ¢/min
Weekly fee ¢69

The best for frequent and long calls

ALL-IN-ONE service includes:


Low rates

  • Landlines: 22.7 ¢/min
  • Mobiles: 34.2 ¢/min
No monthly fee

The best for occasional calls

ALL-IN-ONE service includes:

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Stream plan

Landlines: 20.3 ¢/min

Mobiles: 30.5 ¢/min

Standard plan

Landlines: 22.7 ¢/min

Mobiles: 34.2 ¢/min

Standard plan

Landlines: 22.7 ¢/min

Mobiles: 34.2 ¢/min

Phone card

Landlines: 16.1 ¢/min

Mobiles: 28.0 ¢/min

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