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Tips for looking your best while traveling

January 4, 2013

Many individuals who are about to embark on a vacation can't wait to end up at their destination - they have everything packed including their calling cards to contact home, and are ready for a good night's sleep. However, some may be tired of arriving at their destination not looking their best. Here are a few tips to feel refreshed while traveling.

Keep hydrated
Drinking tons of water before and after a flight is key for landing with a fresh face. Even though many have heard this countless times, it is true that keeping hydrated can go a long way in terms of looking great while traveling - so don't forget your water bottle.

Go au natural or bring cleansing wipes
The best way to travel is to get on the plane with no makeup on, as the dirt and other bacteria from the recycled air on the plane can cause you to break out if your pores are clogged from makeup. However, those who can't imagine going anywhere without makeup can bring a cleansing wipe or blotting sheets to give you a fresh face before you land.

The dry air on a plan can do quite a number on your skin, so make sure you have your facial moisturizer ready while flying. However, this only works for those who are willing to not wear makeup - if you can't, make sure to put some moisturizer on before cosmetics that morning.

Stick with the basics
If you are about to land and want to quickly freshen up, do not bring your entire makeup bag into the bathroom. Instead, just bring your one or two essentials such as lipstick and mascara to give you that glowing look when you get off the plane.


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