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HRG report shows Moscow has most expensive hotels

September 1, 2011

Moscow was found to have the most expensive hotels in the world, according to a recent study by the Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) to determine trends in business travel. Of the 50 cities that the study focused on, 33 reported growth in hotel rates. In particular, Asian cities demonstrated growth, and Moscow was found to have the most expensive hotels in the world.

The Telegraph reports that the average rate of a room in Moscow in the first half of 2011 cost about $420, while the average rates in Geneva and Zurich were $370 and $356 respectively.

"The shift from Europe to Asia in hotel rate growth is significant in that it demonstrates changing business priorities," Margaret Bowler, the director of global hotel relations at HRG, told the news source. "The rates demonstrate that demand has increased for travel to emerging regions as a result of the need to do business and that travelers are willing to pay higher hotel costs during their stay."

Istanbul's hotel rates increased 37 percent, which shows a growing interest in the region. This is also due to business travelers booking rooms in five-star hotels, the news source reports. Regardless of where they are traveling, international businessmen and women can stay in touch with their loved ones using phone cards.


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