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Graduates can benefit from international education too

August 16, 2011

Often, studying abroad is associated with high school and undergraduate programs, but graduate students are more than capable of working toward their Master's degrees in foreign countries as well. Pepperdine University offers international education programs for its undergrad and graduate students.

Evelyn Robertson was already working globally for Xerox when she enrolled in the university's Graduate School of Education and Psychology. According to the Los Angeles Times, the program allowed her to study and research in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, and when she returned and completed her doctorate in education, Roberston was instantly promoted at her job.

Pepperdine also offers 12 eight-day graduate programs for international students, where they participate in online and classroom seminars in Mexico, Costa Rica, Chila, China, the Czech Republic, Canada and at Pepperdine in California.

"Studying abroad has made me a global-minded citizen by enabling me to analyze social issues from a comparative perspective," Richard Woo, a Pepperdine graduate student who studied in the Netherlands and Ghana, told the Los Angeles Times. "Writing my thesis helped me couple theory with practice."

Studying abroad also gives international business students the chance to network with other like-minded individuals. Once a program is complete, students can keep in touch with their foreign friends with international calling cards.


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