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Three arrested in connection to deadly nightclub fire in Brazil 

January 28, 2013

Recent reports on the tragic nightclub fire in Brazil show that three people have been arrested in relation to what occurred on Saturday night, according to NBC News. A Brazilian nightclub owner and two members of the band performing were arrested by civil police who are investigating the massive blaze, which killed 120 men and 113 women with 92 people still be treated. 

The celebration at the Kiss club in the university town of Santa Maria was underway, and then the band's pyrotechnic display set fire to the ceiling, which resulted in many choking on the smoke and also being trampled in the panic, according to the news source. There are expected to be 50 funerals to take place at the municipal cemetery in Santa Maria and the army is helping to dig the graves needed.

The survivors and the police inspector Marcelo Arigony said that the security guards tried to block the exits at first, as it is believed they didn't want people to leave without paying their tabs. However, they quickly gave up this venture when they realized the severity of the problem. 

"It was chaotic and it doesn't seem to have been done in bad faith because several security guards also died," Arigony told The Associated Press. 

"When the fire started, a guard passed us a fire extinguisher, the singer tried to use it but it wasn't working," Rodrigo Martins, the band's guitarist, told the media outlet. 

Band member, Danilo Jacques, also perished in the fire, while the five other band mates were able to make it out safely, according to the publication. 

Those who want to talk about the tragic event can make calls to Brazil using international calling cards. 


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