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Mexico City opens up new subway line

November 5, 2012

Mexico City has a new subway line, and Line 12 or the Gold Line, will bring those coming to and from the city a much faster commute, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The project amounted to $1.8 billion, and it is expected that more than 380,000 people will use the new line each day.

"It was worth it," President Felipe Calderon told the news source. "This ... is a sustainable solution to the problems of mobility and transport in Mexico City. Moreover, it minimizes the impact of pollution on the city, and that's fundamental."

According to SmartPlanet, not only was this such an expensive project for the current economic times, but it was exceedingly difficult - and Calderon believes it ranks up there with some of the best engineering feats in the world. This opening comes six years after it began.

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