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Canadian report encourages government to ban junk food for kids

March 4, 2013

It is no secret that obesity has become a problem in the U.S. and Canada, and now Canadian researchers are taking things one step further. According to The Canadian Press, a report issued by the Health Minister that detailed the increasing rates of childhood obesity led researchers to recommend that  the Canadian government issues a ban that prohibits companies from promoting junk food for kids under 12 years old. 

The researchers behind the report are also suggesting that fast food restaurants and grocery stores should be displaying the calorie count on every item. This way, it may dissuade children from opting for the fatty option once they know how many calories are in it, according to the news source. The report indicated that the number of children who are overweight or obese has increased 75 percent in the past 30 years.

"The most devastating part of this trend is that obesity will mark our DNA, changing our metabolism and genetically reprogramming future generations of children to be at greater risk of being overweight," the report states, according to the media outlet. 

The idea to ban the advertisements geared toward children is just one of the many things that the organization is presenting for the government to do to combat this problem across the country. However, the researchers are expecting a great deal of resistance when it comes to some of their ideas. 

"I don't think everyone in the province is going to love all of these recommendations, so there will be some pushback on some of them," Kelly Murumets, who co-wrote the report, told the publication. 

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