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Celebrate the Brothers Grimm in Germany

September 17, 2013

Many of the most beloved fairy tales popular today have their roots in Germany. The country was home to the Brothers Grimm, the duo responsible for such stories as Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of their stories, and visitors to Germany have the opportunity to take part in a massive celebration of their work, according to It's likely to be such a thrilling experience that travelers will want to have their international calling cards on hands to discuss the exciting event with loved ones back home.

Step into the past
The celebration of the fathers of fairytales stretches over 373 miles. Known as the Fairy Tale Route, the festival's path runs from Hanau, which is near Frankfurt, all the way to Bremen, the news source reports. Along the route, you'll not only get a chance to learn about who the brothers were, but also see some of the scenery and locations that inspired their beloved tales.

You may want to start off in Steinhau, the small town where the two brothers spent their childhood. Their home still stands, though it has since been converted into a museum about their lives. Inside you can see artifacts from their past, including the actual plates they ate off of and portraits Ludwig Emil Grimm, one of the brothers, was fond of drawing. Children will enjoy this spot, because there are daily puppet shows replaying some of the Grimm's tales.

Fairytale royalty
The journey also includes a number of fascinating castles and palaces, such as the Rothestein Castle. The structure was built in 1891, and it truly looks like something out of a fairytale. Though it is no longer home to royalty, the interior of the castle has been redone to make it more friendly to visitors. You'll enjoy the view of the mountains from the terrace of the large manor, so be sure to pay it a visit.

When you visit the Castle Phillippsruhe, you'll be treated to the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Festival, a live performance of some of the most famous tales by the brothers. With the backdrop of an actual castle, this will be an experience like none other. 


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