Military Phone Cards & Military Calling Cards - Thank you for serving our country!

We take our responsibility to provide inexpensive and reliable military phone cards seriously and have selected only the best calling cards available for military members, their families and their friends. Whether phone calls are being made on base or off, Military calling cards from can help to keep you from accruing substantial long distance charges while contacting those closest to you.

Calling from a Military base?

AT&T Calling Cards allow you to call from military base phones, satellite phones, and AT&T dedicated lines at competitive rates. We now offer a 20% discount for Military members and their families on all AT&T calling cards. Just ask a Customer Service Agent for a 20% off military discount coupon.

Calling via the DSN?

When calling from a DSN line with a USA based phone number, enjoy even lower rates using the Bizon phone card! At 3.6/min, the Bizon calling card is truly the cheapest way to connect when calling from an overseas military base.

Calling from a cell phone?

Web Call is a one-of-a-kind feature that allows you to place a call by entering information online and is best when using a cell phone that allows free incoming calls.

Calling Overseas

For Military families and friends of overseas Military members, we offer several cards for calling to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and other international destinations. We recommend the Bizon and Continental Phone cards for calling to Military bases. Find individual rates for specific destination numbers by searching from the USA-Continental to the country you're interested in calling.


Why should I purchase a Military Phone Card online?
- Military calling cards purchased online can be refilled instantly and provide a reliable connection for all of your international calling needs. Permanent PIN numbers allow families and friends of Military members stationed overseas to add funds to a calling card without changing the way calls are made. Unlike store purchased cards, our online phone cards are backed by 24/7 customer support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Will I receive a physical calling card in the mail?
- Our Military phone cards are purchased online using a secure SSL encrypted system. The calling card PIN number and dialing instructions are sent to you via email and no physical card is ever mailed to your address. This allows Military members, their families and their friends to have instant access to phone card information. The PIN number can be shared by families simply by forwarding the email containing calling card information. This email will also contain a link that allows customers to print out a physical copy of all of the Military Phone Card details.
Will an online Military Phone Card help me save money?
- Absolutely! Our Military Calling Cards can help you and your family save up to 97% on international calls! And because our phone cards are prepaid, you'll never have any surprise phone bills to worry about.
How do I know which card to choose?
- Select the card that best fits your calling needs by browsing through the information above and selecting a card that can be used from your location (Military base, DSN or USA call). Please note that a one time 99 surcharge applies to all calls made from a payphone.
Need more information? Contact our friendly USA based Customer Service Representatives!