Au Pair Phone Cards & Nanny Calling Cards

Nanny & Au pair phone cards can help child caretakers and their host families avoid the stress of excessive international calling charges. Using a prepaid Au pair calling card can help to save over 97% on long distance phone calls and is a convenient way for nannies and Au pairs to remain connected with family and friends overseas. Host families can purchase an Online calling card to give as a welcome gift to their new nanny or Au pair which can be refilled throughout the year within the caretakers budget. Further, the families and friends of Au pairs and international nannies can purchase calling cards to save money when calling their loved ones internationally.

For Nannies and Au Pairs

  • USA to GERMANY from 2.1/min
  • USA to AUSTRALIA from 1.8/min
  • USA to CHINA from 2.1/min
  • Spend less when calling home!
  • - Can be used from home phone or cell phone
  • - No additional maintenance or connection fees
  • - Register up to six numbers for PIN-less dialing
  • - Speed dial feature available
  • - Prepaid card - No surprise bills!

For Families and Friends

  • FRANCE to USA from 2.5/min
  • JAPAN to USA 4.3/min
  • UK to USA from 2.5/min
  • Stay in touch with your loved one!
  • - Calls can be made from over 95 countries
  • - No additional maintenance or connection fees
  • - Can be refilled instantly online
  • - Refillable PIN number never changes
  • - Prepaid card - No surprise bills!


We are hosting an Au Pair or Nanny this year - do we need a calling card?
- Receiving a surprise phone bill for outrageous international call charges is an easy way to create tension between host family and caretaker. That's why we recommend purchasing a Nanny phone card or Au pair calling card to give to your new house guest upon arrival. This allows your Au pair to stave off home sick feelings while protecting you from paying excessive fees!
Will we need to purchase several calling cards throughout the year?
- Our Au pair and Nanny calling cards can be refilled in your Online account at any time, saving you the hassel of purchasing several different phone cards. By setting an account up in the name of your Au pair or Nanny, you can give them control over refilling their initial calling card. This allows the new member of your family to have control over her finances and refill her international calling card within her budget!
My daughter is leaving to be an Au pair - how can I save money calling her internationally?
- The Solaris card can be used from over 95 countries and is perfect for the families and friends of young women who decide to Au Pair. Just dial a local or toll free access number for the country you live in, enter in the PIN code, and dial the international number of your daughter!
I will be a Nanny or Au pair soon - why do I need a phone card?
- Purchasing an Online Au pair phone card before you leave for your work year will allow you to stay in touch with family and friends back home and can help to relieve common feelings of homesickness. You can even use your phone card from the airport upon arrival to tell family that you're O.K! Nanny calling cards can be refilled Online by you, your host family or family and friends back home 24 hours a day!