Travel Phone Cards & Calling Cards for Vacation and Tourism

Going on vacation? Travel phone cards can help you save on domestic phone calls and international call charges! Don't let excessive hotel phone bills or payphone charges ruin your time away! Our phone cards for travel and vacation calling cards can be used from any phone in the United States and in over 95 foreign destinations! Receive your PIN and dialing instructions instantly via email and refill your travel telephone card online from any computer! It's that easy!

Cards For All International Destinations

Best Card For Calls From The UK!

Hello from UK Vacation Calling Cards



Best Card For Calls From Mexico!

Mariachi Phone Card for Travel




Who uses travel calling cards?
- Travel phone cards and vacation calling cards can be used by anyone looking to save money while on vacation! Because your phone card is refillable, the PIN number never changes, allowing the same card to be used for all of your travels year round!
Why should I purchase a vacation phone card online?
- Phone cards have been used for vacationers and travelers to save on long distance and international calls for decades. Store bought cards are easily lost and the rates listed can be difficult to understand. Many calling cards purchased in stores work only for the calls from the country they are purchased in, forcing travelers to waste money on any leftover minutes! Our online vacation calling cards can be used from over 95 countries worldwide and because we offer 24/7 customer service and support from a friendly USA based staff, you'll never have to waste time on your vacation looking for help with your calling card!
I will be visiting several countries - do I need to purchase different calling cards?
- No! Our vacation phone cards can be used from over 95 different countries so you can make calls using the same PIN number from anywhere you're traveling to. After purchasing, you'll receive an email with your PIN and dialing instructions which will contain access numbers (the number dialed before you enter in your PIN) for every country the card works from. This list can always be accessed online or printed out and will help you make calls with your international calling card from any location!
How do I use my international phone card to make calls while on vacation?
- The procedure for calling from an international country with your online calling card is the same as using a store bought phone card - just follow a three-step process. First - dial the toll free or local access number for the country you are calling FROM. Next - enter in your ten-digit PIN code. Finally - enter in the number you would like to call. It's that easy!