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Opt for a reposition cruise to save on vacation

January 11, 2013

When it comes to taking a vacation with your family, a cruise might feel out of reach due to your budget, but a reposition cruise may be the perfect solution. Cruise ships travel in the spring and the fall from Alaska to the south for the winter and from the Caribbean to the north in the summer. However, instead of having a boat with no passengers, they offer discounted rates for families to jump on a "repositioning" cruise.

This is different from a regular cruise in the sense that there are no ports to attract the traveler. Instead, they get to board a ship for a very relaxing trip.

"You have all the standard features of the ship - the food, entertainment, it all goes with the ship to the new place - but it's much cheaper and less crowded," said travel writer Wayne Dunlap.

No matter where you and your family travel, it is important to bring your international calling cards, so it is always easy to call home or check in with family. 


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