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Severed body parts turning up in Ottawa and Montreal

May 30, 2012

The Conservative Party of Canada recently received a mysterious package at the party's headquarters in Ottawa. The Toronto Star reports a package was delivered to the building early on Tuesday morning, where it was received by a secretary. She noticed something suspicious when she began to open the box and contacted the Ottawa Police. They found traces of blood on the package and brought in the Hazardous Material Unit and Emergency Operations Section to check the box out. They later confirmed it did in fact contain a human foot.

"It's just sickening," Conservative member of Parliament Brad Trost told the news publication. "If someone actually did send something in the mail, that's just abhorrent. I hope it has nothing to do with anything with politics. Hopefully it's just somebody's idea of a stupid joke."

The package had been addressed to the Conservative Party of Canada, with no specific recipient listed. Later on Tuesday night, the police came across another parcel that contained a human hand at the Ottawa office of the Canada Post, The Winnipeg Free Press reports. Ottawa police told reporters the hand was not headed for the Conservative headquarters, but did not reveal the intended location of the gruesome gift.

Law enforcement officials in Montreal recently discovered a severed torso in a suitcase, and now police from both districts are working together to determine if the two incidents are connected in any way, according to The Telegraph.

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